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Circle – Inspiration not congratulations - D&AD 1997 Creative Circle 2012

I can give you some quotes, but that doesn’t do justice to this beautiful book. Here are they nevertheless:

Have a hero, then kill them: „Because if you don’t have a hero, it means you don’t care enough about what you do to have looked for who does it best.“ Nils Leonhard.

Mark Denton: „I think NO is a very inspiring word. That’s because because it’s a proven fact that 93.5% of people who say „NO“ really mean „I can’t quite imagine what YES would be like so can you show me, I’m sure I’d like it“ ... or words to that effect. And even if that small percentage who say NO really mean it, that shouldn’t stop you from doing it anyway.“

Nick Gill: „ But in my youth I soon realised that for all my talent I was never going to be an artist. IT wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough. I just wasn’t made that way. Because someone had tuned my brain to solving problems.“

There’s nothing a CD likes more than a team saying, ‚You know that idea you approved? We think we’ve come up with something better.

But youthful thinking isn’t just a privilege of the young. (...)  It’s what John Bartle describes as ‚Immaturing with age.’

The more you listen and respect people, the more they’ll let you be a stubborn git.

Flo Heiss:
Sharing is part of my life. Or has become it. Depends which way you look at it. I love it. But it has a tendency to take over. I have caught myself looking for shareable moments. It’s a dangerous game.

Dave Dye:
„the public are smart, they know ads are trying to sell them something, they know the game, so we need to treat them like adults. Be self deprecating, joke about the product or the ad itself of all – entertain with our interruptions.“

Ed Morris in conversation with John Hegarty
JH: it disappoints me enormously that the wealthiest people in our industry are accountants, they are not creative people yet this is an industry born out of creativity, you know the wealthiest people in the music industry are the musicians. (...) I think that’s because creative people have not taken responsibility for what this industry is about; great ideas and if you’re not at the top oft he company you will not direct the company.

EM: Actually you could describe worry as the opposite of responsibility really because responsibility is doing something about it.

JH: Reducing, reducing, reducing is ultimately our great skill. The power of reduction is the wonderful, wonderful thing that advertising does, creative thinking in advertising and it’s often undermined. People often say ‚oh well that’s very simple’. It’s the hardest thing to do in the World you can do. It’s that great line I love saying tot he writers ‚Write less, say more.’

EM: Somerset Maugham. He said’You can tell what God thinks of money, you’ve just got to look at the people he gives it to.’

Graham Fink:
„Great creative people can train their minds to let all that wash over them and stick tot he fun part. Paul Arden was one such person. He’d carefully listen to everything and then just ignore it. He would then come up with something so surprising that it blew the cacophony of irrelevance away.“

Dave Trott:
D&AD’s orginal maxim: STIMULATION NOT CONGRATULATION. (...) Martin Boase ‚(...) Awards are just like the froth on top of a pint of beer. They’re enjoyable and they make it nicer, but they’re not your beer. It’s the same with awards. They’re very nice, but they’re not what we actually do.“

They say a camel is a horse designed by a comittee.

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