Saturday, 26 February 2011

From those wonderful folks who gave you Pearly Harbour – Jerry Della Femina,

Very interesting book that shows that nothing much has changed. The only difference that counts is still between good and bad work. The rest is just marketing rubbish.

VW lemon worked because of “an advertiser was saying that all wasn’t sweetness in life” (Della Femina, 1970, p.26).

“I know this sounds crazy, but I sometimes don’t understand why we can’t talk in commercials and ads the waywe really talk” (Della Femina, 1970, p.30).

“The hotagencies, they don’t need this. What does Doyle, Dane need with a whoremaster (an account man with a book of names)? They’re turning out terrific work” (Della Femina, 1970, p.61).

“An art director also has a portfolio. Or they’ve got reels, short presentations containing all the commercials they ever shot. But what does the account man have to show? Nothing.” (Della Femina, 1970, p.83).

“Step one (of losing an account): fear. They’re afraid to even show him work. So they show him what they consider safe. And safe is not what he came to the agency for.” (Della Femina, 1970, p.93).

“It’s not their (clients’) job to express what they need. That’s the agenciy’s job- The client simply knows where he wants his product to go in the marketplace.” (Della Femina, 1970, p.93).

“when an account executive comes in to see me I don’t even know what to ask him. (…) I have nothing to tell the guy, nothing to ask him. Should I ask him how he smiles?” (Della Femina, 1970, p.95).

“Creative revolution may be an awkward way of saying there is good advertising and then there is garbage.” (Della Femina, 1970, p.145).

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