Saturday, 11 June 2011

Digital Advertising - Fianduca and Burgoyne (eds.)

Great book of many essays – hence nmot trying to tell a coherent story but many. Here arethe points that surprised me most:

For an industry that focuses somuch on novelty advertising is very slow to adopt the internet (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.xi).
But: the internet is a two-way medium – it is not a selling it is a buying medium (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.xiii).

Formerly, advertising agencies made things – in the future they will devise frameworks of information exchange (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.xvi).

“The mobile is the bridge between the virtual and the real world.” (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.19). It knows where you are, it knows wehat ou think from twitter and it knows what’s around you.

The digital channel is so exciting because it is so many channels (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.34).

“The most difficult thing is not creating technology that allows you to share content; it is making content that is worth sharing.” (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.46).

“If there is one major difference between traditional and digital it is that, in digital, the consumer has to make the first move.” (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.60).

We all can out something on the web, but: “content isn’t really content without an audience” (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.72).

Sound is very important to advertising. But did you notice: interactivity + sound = musical instrument. (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.79).

Behavioural Economics: “all of us are subject to a host of cognitive biases and tics that distort our view of te world and lead usnot just into temptation but into trouble time and time again, however rational our thinking and precise our calculations are.” (Fianduca and Burgoyne, 2010, p.130).

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