Saturday, 22 December 2012

100 Habits Of Successful Freelance Designers – Gordon 2009

100 Habits Of Successful Freelance Designers – Gordon 2009

I am not a designer (far from it), but there are so many lessons for work and life in this book. It’s another example that reading the books that are not of interest to you, turns out to be most interesting. Moreover freelancing is important also to me, especially in an age where due to ever shorter contract length of clients and ever shorter ‘stints’ at agencies  we all seem to be more or less freelancing.

„Our triumphs are won by effective execution of strategic ideas that call others to action by moving emotions. We work by art not by force“ (Gordon, 2009, p.7).

„Bad bait, bad fish .... Don’t start out with a low price and expect good clients. Low pricing will only get you a lack of sustainable income.“ (Gordon, 2009, p.35).

„ The ideal is to work as much as necessary to be able to afford the things that will make life not just livable, but enjoyable.“ (Gordon, 2009, p.42).

„The best way to win new clients is by doing great work for your current clients.“ (Gordon, 2009, p.58).

„I suggest that at the outset of a project you ask your client to shoot fort he moon. Ask them what they’d do if money was no object.“ (Gordon, 2009, p.75).

„Not everyone can do what we do, so it is our responsibility to do it right.“ (Gordon, 2009, p.100).

„You are not protecting the creatives from the client; you’re protecting the client from the sometimes messy process of developing work fort hem.“ (Gordon, 2009, p.125).

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