Sunday, 9 December 2012

Washington Irving - Tales of the Alhambra 1977

It’s a beautiful book. Don’t read it. Just go there. Perferably at night.

Alhambra: „It was the royal abode oft he Moorish kings, where, surrounded with the splendours and refinements of Asiativ luxury, they held dominion over what they vaunted as a terrestrial paradise, and made their last stand for empire in Spain. The royal palace forms but a part of a fortress, the walls of which, studded with towers, stretch irregularly round the whole crest of a hill, a spur oft he Sierra Nevada or Snowy Mountains, and overlook the city; externally it is a rude congregation of towers and battlements, with not regularity of plan nor grace of architecture, and giving little promise oft he grace and beauty which prevail within.“ (Irving, 1977, p.33).

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