Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Brand in the Boardroom – Joanna Seddon 2013

A good summary. Well written.

“the marketing budget is an investment, not an expense. If brand is an asset that generates value for the company, then marketing is an investment in increasing the value of the brand asset. Brand, just like any other asset, needs to be invested in, put to work to generate value and held accountable for the results.” (Seddon, 2013, p.50).

“Because it looks over the head of the different channels to the financial outcome, brand valuation can initiate a holistic approach to marketing. This is needed urgently to cope with the great fragmentation we live with now. (…) Measurement is as fragmented as media. (…) from the big picture (market mix modellingand brand equity tracking) to the most micro (e.g. campaign specific copy testing, impressions-based analysis, social media metrics” (Seddon, 2013, p.68).

“Brand valuation looks at every measure of marketing, in all media, unconcerned with fragmentation, and brings it all together under a common unit.” (Seddon, 2013, p.68).

 “Because it looks at the whole experience, brand valuation allows the ROI from investments in intangibles, such as brand and marketing, to be compared with investments in tangibles such as technology, R&D, or hiring more salespeople.” (Seddon, 2013, p.72).

“Brand tracking must in the future blow past intermediate measures such as awareness, preference, differentiation, or recommendation. It must go all the way to the only measure that has real meaning outside the marketing department – money.” (Seddon, 2013, p.74).

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